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First Impressions: Qi Charging / IKEA Nordmärke

Now that I have a Qi compatible phone, I grabbed a couple of these Nordmärke charges from IKEA. So far, I'm a huge fan of Qi charging. The…

Pumpkin Patch

Too cool


Well, that went fast .

Two Thousand Sixteen

2016 is a difficult year for me to digest. Personally , it's been one of the most amazing, transformative yet. I started a great job earlier…

“The best selling Pro notebook lineup”

I'm pretty tired of hearing that the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup is "the best selling Pro notebook lineup ever" on blogs and news articles. The…

RIP Magsafe

Probably my favorite feature/technology of all time. One of the definitive Apple feature/technologies, in my opinion. I think I understand…

MacBook Pros are no longer for pros

The Macbook Pro with Retina has been the modern day workhorse laptop, I see them everywhere . I can count on 1 hand the number of "pro…

Jesse Davis Flanders

After only 8 hours of labor, Meghan gave birth to our first child on July 26th at noon. He measured 21" tall, weighed 8lbs 5oz and instantly…

World Series Parade

Getting our first christmas tree

Meghan, Mac and I went with the family on our traditional Christmas Tree hunt. This year it was pretty cold out and I'm not sure Mac got to…


From my archive, Mac Flanders (3 months old), hanging on the porch. I need to get some newer photos of this little guy now that he's grown…

You've got to be freaking kidding me

Whoever designed this, and all who approved it, should be removed from the tech industry for life .

Welcome home

After months of discussion, Meghan and I brought home a litte dude to share the house with tonight. Apparently we can't call him "Toby", so…

Things Rands knows about watches

Rands, A good watch is passed on from generation to generation. Watches have never been about communication, but we’ve kind’a always wanted…

Two Thousand Fourteen

Changes text goes here, I suppose Move 1 text goes here, I suppose Pro, redux text goes here, I suppose Move 2 text goes here, I suppose…

Grandpa Ken

🇺🇸 at night

Game changer

Not worrying about battery life on an iPhone again is life changing (in the most first-world problem sort of way). With my 5S, I was…

Full Time, Fine Artist

For the foreseeable future, photography will become my creative outlet where I produce, exclusively, personal projects. My "Kansas is Not…


Kansas v Central Michigan

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Nailed it

Good Design is a Process, iPhones 6 Edition

jaredsinclair : From John Gruber’s review of the iPhones 6 (emphasis added): My understanding, talking to people at the event last week…

Photo Encyclopedia: The Histogram

What is this graph that I see on my camera sometimes?

How Would I Edit Your Photo? #1 The Holly Edition

Holly sent me a photo from the Cosmosphere down in Hutchinson, KS. It's a photo looking up into a rocket engine. Upon opening the photo…

When I got Robin Williams’ rider, I was very surprised by what I found.

Just another reason why Robin Williams was so great. (via boysncroptops )

Better Elevation

I can’t wait

$50 Headshot Special

Need a new photo for Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn, or maybe you know someone who does? Buy a session for someone you know, your…

Retouching Headshots

I'm going to be posting a new series here on my blog where I showcase techniques or post processing sessions. This is meant to highlight…

Redesigning USPS

I love the illustrations so, so much. The overall look is great, nice layouts and typography – but it’s those illustrations that I’m head…

Lawrence Public Library Reopens!

The Library opened this morning, and my goodness it's beautiful. They've really knocked it out of the park with the new design, floorplan…


A beautiful stylus with enhanced functionality, with more coming in iOS 8. I’d love it if 53, Wacom, or someone would make the iPad a Cintiq…

Custom Logo’d Lightroom Identity Plate

Lightroom has offered custom Identity Plates since version 2, bringing the ability to put your name, brand or even your logo in the upper…

Not Just a Fly Over State T-shirts!

In celebration of Chapter 1 having exhibited at Pachamamas and for being chosen to exhibit at the opening of the brand new Lawrence Public…

Not Just a Fly Over State

Since I've been back in Kansas, I've been researching unique parts of the state to showcase the hidden beauty it has to offer. I'm calling…

Something only Apple can do

Great post by Gruber, and the Uber portion of this Kotkke post is fascinating. If I had an experience with Uber that took 3x as long as a…

Just Married 🤵👰

The Wartime CEO

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

The Onion at it’s best

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics

First Mud

NSA Said to Exploit Heartbleed Bug for Years –

USB superposition

parislemon : amyphetamine : ( how USB cables make me crazy .) This is quite perfect. Yep

Banned for Life

I couldn’t stop laughing the entire article. Nice April Fools. No one could be this dense.

Throwing K-Cups In Glass Houses –

How to knock off a bag

jacob : How to Knock Off a Bag

Who Are You, And What Have You Done With Microsoft's CEO?

parislemon : Satya Nadella: A great idea shouldn’t have to wait for you to get back to a particular device. An impromptu call with a…

The Craziest Part About Microsoft Office For iPad

parislemon : Ina Fried: Indeed, Microsoft does offer Office 365 subscriptions within the just-released Word for iPad and the other Office…

THREES - Showing our Work

Wow. This is an amazing behind-the-scenes of the development process that goes into a hit game. Seeing where they started and how they…

Profanity - Matt Gemmell

Fucking beautiful

Apple After Jobs: Pretty Much the Same as Ever -

Another hack trying to profit off Apple while making ridiculous claims

Microsoft read blogger’s Hotmail email to trace leak –


Microsoft "Scroogles" Itself

parislemon : Charles Cooper and Seth Rosenblatt: Microsoft went through a blogger’s private Hotmail account in order to trace the identity…

Rule of Law

“When the law is on your side, argue the law. When the facts are on your side, argue the facts. When neither the facts nor the law are on…

New Jersey v. Tesla

parislemon : Elon Musk on the ruling that you cannot buy a car directly from a manufacturer in the state of New Jersey: It is worth…

The Race To Create A Miniature Star On Earth

parislemon : Raffi Khatchadourian on the race to make fusion power a reality: Years from now—maybe in a decade, maybe sooner—if all goes…

Apple's Forthcoming "Healthbook" Software

parislemon : An insanely detailed leak of Apple’s forthcoming Healthbook software (likely a part of iOS 8) by Mark Gurman: Each category of…

Mod notebooks don't sync.

Beautiful site, beautiful notebooks, totally incorrect slogan. It’s not a notebook that “syncs to the cloud”. It’s a notebook that is…

It's not fair to say that Apple is playing chess...

“It’s not fair to say that Apple is playing chess while Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and the rest are playing checkers. It’s more like they…

New Jersey Bans Tesla to Ensure Buying a Car Will Always Suck

Total bullshit.

Is My Shift Key On or Not

This might be my new browser homepage

Mark One 3d printer

lonelysandwich : Mark One 3D printer Okay, here is a video I made for a product you’re definitely not going buy. I’m not going to buy one…


“When life gives you lemons, just say ‘Fuck the lemons,’ and bail.” — Kunu

This Man Says He Can Speed Cell Data 1,000-Fold. Will Carriers Listen?

First QuickTime, WebTV and then OnLive? Yeah, this guy is someone you should listen to. I hope we see this technology adopted sooner rather…

When to join a company

“TIP: Always join a company before the lawyers do.” — Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major | The Billfold , via marco


Backblaze Blog » What Hard Drive Should I Buy?

I’ve long purchased WD and Hitachi drives, and have never had one fail on me - knock on wood. I have a few that are at least 4 years old…


A 15-Year-Old With A Huge Brain And An Even Bigger Heart Blows MIT Away

Incredible story

Mono Social Icons Font

Great project, super clever implementation.

Varosha: The abandoned tourist resort

I’m utterly fascinated by abandoned places, whether it’s a theme park, an apartment building, an overgrown golf course – but this is an…

The Real Reason You're Not Getting Retweeted

Is Captain Obvious writing under a pseudonym now?

Florida Man Is Shot to Death for Texting During Movie Previews

I don’t even know where to start

I Got Bugs

parislemon : Since the moment it was unveiled at WWDC in June of last year, I’ve been a big fan of iOS 7. While I certainly understand the…

Beach setup



Apple "Retina" Desktop Displays Are Likely Closer Than We Think

parislemon : Marco Arment: To bring Retina to the 27” iMac and 27” Thunderbolt Display, Apple doesn’t need to wait until 5120×2880 panels…


Exchange your Starbucks gift card balance and get dollar-for-dollar credit toward a fresh and tasty Tonx subscription. I think this is a…

Little things

parislemon : The little things, they matter.


Thunderbolt ⚡️

A thing of beauty. #macpro

All cores at work

Class 10 vs UHS-1 SD Card speed

Nikon | D4S

One of these days, I’ll have a pro bodied Nikon. Whether it’s a D3S, D4, or the newly announced D4S. Oh yes, it will be mine.

SDD Speed comparison

My Corsair SSD in my 2010 iMac vs the new rMBP PCI SSD. Whoa.

It's here

Another MBP case option

I like the way this looks

Vizio announces its first consumer 4K TVs, kills all 3D support

A year after unveiling its first 4K TV prototype, Vizio is fully commiting to the ultra high-def technology. Here at CES, the company is…


I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s FedEx delivery.

Time-lapse proposal

Time-Lapse video of my proposal to Meghan on the beach at sunset.

My homescreen

First Impressions: Artisan Obscura Soft Shutter Release

I've had little more than 2 hours with the release, and I think it's one of my favorite photography purchases under $100 that I've made, if…

Soft shutter release


Clever AC Adapter wrap method

Snow fall

Snow falling in Lawrence, KS


Kansas Board of Regents restricts free speech for academics

I’m ashamed of my home state far too often these days.

Writer Pro

Wow, a fantastic update. If I start writing long form essays more often (as much as I tell myself I’d like to), this is an instant buy. The…

The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android

By January 2007, they’d all worked sixty-to-eighty-hour weeks for fifteen months—some for more than two years—writing and testing code…

Reversible USB type-C and Lightning

Jon makes some great points here. In my perfect scenario, Apple helps the USB IF develop the Type-C connector to be a subset of the…

Show Library Folder

Deformed Freak Born Without Penis | The Onion

Sources confirmed that, unfortunately, such cases are actually quite common, with roughly one in every two babies afflicted with the…

Live People Magazine

A recent tweet — “Listening to music. #Journals #7days” — has 40,164 retweets and 28,504 favorites. Replies include “@justinbieber love u…

Sunset Swing

Holding the D800E overhead, 16-35 f/4 attached, I was able to capture this photo of Ki-Shui. With a bit of post-processing, you have an iron…

Mac Pro coming tomorrow

Since purchasing my iMac in 2010 I’ve taken up photography in a much more serious fashion, and with that my CPU/GPU requirements have…

Iced Latte

I talked Meghan into letting me try out portrait photography with her. It was my first time trying out strobist techniques outdoors, and the…

First Impressions: Luma Labs Cinch 2

I've owned the Cinch version 1 for over a year and when I use a strap it's the only one I'll choose - it's been amazing. From toting around…

First Impressions: Sunwayfoto FB-36 & DDH-02 Panning Clamp

I got the Sunwayfoto ballhead for 2 reasons: to replace the AirHed 1 that came with my 3LeggedThing Brian tripod and to make panoramas much…

Rental Quick Take: Sigma 50-500mm OS HSM

This is a quick review of the Sigma 50-500mm OS HSM (Nikon mount) that I rented from my favorite rental house, I had the…

Miniot Cover for iPad 2

These wood covers make Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover look lame.