Mark One 3d printer



Mark One 3D printer

Okay, here is a video I made for a product you’re definitely not going buy. I’m not going to buy one either, and most likely, we know less than or equal to one person who will buy this product. But this product has a strong chance of changing the world.

If you care about 3D printers, you know what the Mark One means. If you don’t, you might not know that all the 3D printers out there print things in plastics that aren’t strong enough to really use for anything. They’re great for prototypes, and trinkets. They print tiny Eiffel Towers and Yoda busts. They’re not good for real things.

This is a 3D printer that can print with the world’s strongest material, carbon fiber, to make real things. And it’ll cost what other 3D printers cost. But can make real things. Not trinkets. For the same money. Real things.

That was the pitch I got from the founder of the company, Greg Mark. And I knew I had to meet him, because he’s one of the brightest, most energetic, charismatic founders I’ve gotten to work with. He’ll talk at you for an hour and your brain hurts, but in a good way. I spent two days with Greg and his team near MIT (where they all came from). It was cold as shit.

I knew that a video about the Mark One would be as much about the people who made it as the object itself. I wanted this to feel like a trailer for a documentary about an invention—the kind Errol Morris would make, as edited by Kubrick and scored by Beethoven.

I don’t know, maybe you could put Beethoven’s 9th on any Kickstarter video and it would feel like epic discovery.