Not Just a Fly Over State


Since I've been back in Kansas, I've been researching unique parts of the state to showcase the hidden beauty it has to offer. I'm calling this "Not Just a Fly Over State". I've surprised even 50 year natives of Kansas with some of the photos I've been able to bring back, and I've only begun!

I'm breaking the project into parts, which I'm calling "Chapters" for now. That might change later on, maybe to "Episodes" or "Volumes", but for now "Chapters" it is. Chapter 1 included my first visit to Monument Rocks and the Badlands area which includes Castle Rock.

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I've already begun the planning to go back in the fall and winter to capture the beauty of this area again under different light. Chapter 2 is going to highlight the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and the Bison population there.

I have a series of blog posts outlining the planning, packing and shooting for each of the chapters, so stay tuned!