Retouching Headshots


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I'm going to be posting a new series here on my blog where I showcase techniques or post processing sessions. This is meant to highlight where our value lies as professional photographers. So much goes into producing a professional photo that the client never sees – it's more than just pushing the shutter button. I believe that I possess an attention to detail, a set of skills and talents as well as the knowledge and experience to produce a photo that few others do. In this post, I'm going to show you what can go into what seems like a simple headshot that is as easy as snapping the photo with your iPhone.

This is a headshot from January of this year, that I'm just now getting around to talking about. Look for more blog posts and in depth explanations now that I'm back in Lawrence and the wedding/post-wedding craziness has settled down!

When you don't have time to get a hair and makeup person on set with you, and/or you're in an environment where flyaways are a fact of life, we can clean those up in post production to keep your headshots looking as beautiful and professional as they deserve to look.

Note: When you have a chance, always get a hair and makeup professional on set with you.

With a mix of cloning, healing, and old fashioned painting we can remove flyaways and add back the structure the hair would normally have with some spray and a brush.

This is a 40 minute retouching that you can watch in around 2 minutes. You'll see a lot of hair dissapear, but don't worry, it comes back later in the video!