RIP Magsafe


 Photo by Travis Isaacs. 

Probably my favorite feature/technology of all time. One of the definitive Apple feature/technologies, in my opinion. I think I understand why they got rid of this, but it's a shame. Magsafe has saved my bacon more times than I'm comfortable thinking about. My dad had many PowerBooks when I was growing up, and I remember using it on my lap with the power cord plugged. Guess what happened, the daughterboard that the power cord plugged into would eventually fail. This happened because of the stress put on the jack when it was on my lap, the cord being pushed in weird directions while a young kid played around in Photoshop or Filemaker. Magsafe saved me all of those repair bills with my own laptops over the years - daily, I'm sure. I'd be curious to see the Genius Bar repair stats over the next 12 months without Magsafe on these laptops.

It should be noted that with USB-C as the charging mechanism, it's going to be great being able to charge from portable battery packs.