First Impressions: Qi Charging / IKEA Nordmärke


 Coincidently, my son is also always 100% Charged.

Now that I have a Qi compatible phone, I grabbed a couple of these Nordmärke charges from IKEA. So far, I'm a huge fan of Qi charging. The ability to have my phone ambiently charging while laying on my desk all day is so nice. The Nordmärke are reasonably priced at around $14. The materials won't trick you into thinking it's nicer than it is, and I've found that it's thickness is my only complaint as far as the build construction.

The landing area for Qi engagement seems quite sizable, I can't remember a time where I laid the phone down and it didn't charge. Unfortunately, I don't have any comments on whether phones will walk off the charger. This is becuase my phone is always in silent with vibrate turned off - my Apple Watch takes over this responsibility.

Overall, I will be reccommending Qi chargers to anyone who asks, and I wouldn't hesistate in suggesting you check out the Nordmärke for a cheap lower power Qi charger.

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- Reasonably priced

Around $14 at my local IKEA.

- Large charging target

Laying the phone down on the pad is certain to engage charging, you won't need to worry about precise placement.


- Thick

I wish it weren't quite as thick. A thinner puck would make the phone look less precarious and blend into the desk better. Though a lower height might make it easier to miss the charging target.

- Doesn't support faster 7.5W charging specs

More expensive Qi chargers now support faster 7.5W charging, though I'm not surprised this lower priced one doesn't.

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